About Us


RGB Ltd. is a Bulgarian design and architecture studio established in 2005 and is based in Sofia. The people behind the studio are arch. Elena Paktiawal and arch. Farid Paktiawal. Along with a team of young professionals and innovators they have created a beacon of strong professionalism, innovation and fresh ideas over the last couple of years.
The studio implements large public building projects of importance for the image of the city Sofia. Among some of the renown projects done by the studio are the metro station “Musagenitsa” and the metro station “Mladost 1”, but also the metro stations “NDK”, “European Union” and the newest one – metro station “Business park”. The studio also made the project for the subway underground passage of the University of Sofia.
In 2009 arch. Elena Paktiawal and arch. Farid Paktiawal received the prestigious “Building of the year” award for the beautifully designed metro station “Musagenitsa”.
RGB Ltd. has an extensive experience in the design of casinos. For the renowned “Palms Merkur chain” they have realized several casinos in different cities in Bulgaria.
In recent years the studio has not only developed major public projects, but also residential building, commercial establishments, private homes, casinos, hospitals and clinics.
With a broad portfolio and extensive experience in both the public and private, large and small architectural projects the studio has established a name for itself both in Bulgaria and abroad.